Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment

are you dr ready?

Where does your Disaster Recovery Program stand?

Is your company ready for the unexpected IT disaster?

How do you assess your level of Disaster Recovery Readiness?



discovaIT's DR certified experts have created a cost effective online assessment designed to provide awareness

of the state of your DR program in less than two hours.

  Please take a complimentary sample assessment and receive a preliminary readiness score Mini DR Readiness.

discovaIT can help you assess your DR program in a fast and cost effective way. We are a Disaster Recovery assessment and consulting company and our goal is to help companies prepare for an IT disaster.


We focus on both the process and physical factors protecting your IT infrastructure including:

Disaster Recovery Testing

Recovery Documentation

Data Center Construction




Unlike many other large IT consulting companies, we do not believe long expensive engagements are necessary to advise you on where you stand with regards to your Disaster Recovery Readiness. Learn more about the services we offer in the link below.

Who we are & WHATS



discovaIT focuses on businesses who are in the process of building their Disaster Recovery Program. We know large companies have the budgets to spend on dedicated staff and costly consulting.

With discovaIT you can assess your Disaster Recovery Readiness using an easy to complete survey at a fraction of the cost of a consultant. 

discovaIT can help you learn where you stand and provide you proven best practices to improve your Disaster Recovery Readiness. Learn more about us and our experience by clicking below.