Disaster recovery isn't something that only large companies need to focus on. While it's true that many small businesses lack the resources that larger ones do, nearly every modern-day business – regardless of its size – is digitally active in one form or another. The risks of losing data or having services disrupted due to potential threats are substantial, and the protections gained by investing in disaster recovery make it worth the effort.

In the category of risks, there's the obvious: a disaster or disruption can have a deleterious effect on business operations. You might be unable to operate for a period or provide services to your customers. You might also lose some data that is central to your business or personal to your clients. While this might not seem like a serious hindrance on its face, the fallout from such an event could pose a major stumbling block to business growth.

Customers, as you may already know, expect performance that is as close to perfect as possible. In addition to being aggravated at a disruption in service, the mere fact that you allowed a disaster to cripple your ability to function – and had no plan in place for countering it – could cause an erosion of trust between you and your client base.

At this juncture, customers are much more likely to take their business to a competitor; if that competitor succeeds in persuading them that the inconveniences they experienced with you won't be a concern with them, you're at a considerable disadvantage in trying to win them back. 

On the flip side, though, investing in disaster recovery shows customers that you are committed to protecting their assets/information and providing them with the highest level of service. You're also protecting your business from the slew of potential threats that could lead to IT failures.

Hardware sometimes falters, regardless of how well it was designed and constructed, or your business might fall into the sights of cyber criminals. In other instances, your employees might make mistakes that lead to data or service losses. On top of that, you can't always predict how a natural disaster will impact your business.

discovaIT can help small businesses assess disaster recovery in a cost-efficient manner, thus making planning for situations that could cripple a modestly-sized organization both accessible and affordable.