What is a DR Readiness Assessment?

Disaster Recovery Readiness has two primary components:

Process – Your response procedures, recovery documentation, and testing regimen are all important factors in determining the readiness of an organization responding to an unexpected outage.

Physical – The protections built into a data center including specialized construction, power capabilities, and fire suppression are critical in ensuring the readiness of the physical data center environment.

Using an easy to use online survey discovaIT will assess the components of your DR Readiness without the need for lengthy and expensive consulting engagements.

Upon completion you will receive a summary report containing your relative score with strengths, weaknesses, and best practices to improve your DR Readiness.

An online survey is used to assess your DR readiness and can be completed on your own time to fit your busy schedule.

1 - Survey Completion - Upon ordering you will be e-mailed a secure, personalized link to the online survey. This link will be assigned to your company and will be used to gather the data necessary to provide you the assessment and personlaized report. You will be able to stop and return as needed to the survey without losing any of your work but the survey can usually be filled out in under an hour. The link expires in 30 days to maintain the security of the data.


2 - Analysis - discovaIT's team of experts will analyze your answers and provide a one-two page summary report including your relative score, opportunities for improvement, and best practices. With this report in hand you will be ready to meet with your leadership team to discuss how to implement new measures to better protect your IT infrastructure. information on what the report will contain can be found on the Results page.

3 - Consulting - As an added service, discovaIT consultants can meet with you to discuss the findings and provide additional feedback on ways to improve your DR Readiness. While this is not required you may find it helpful to go through the results to get a full understanding and answer any questions you may have. For information on our full scope of offerings, please visit our Services page.